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Liz Cheney Loses Primary Marking End Of Era

Liz Cheney will do everything she can to keep Trump out of Office.

On Tuesday evening in Wyoming, Republican Liz Cheney lost the primary election against Harriet Hageman. Interestingly, Cheney, who previously won the primary election with more than 70% of the vote, lost by a wide margin. Hageman received 65% of the votes, while Cheney obtained only 29%.

Cheney’s opponent, Hageman, is a lawyer supported by former President Trump. However, in her early days, Hageman used to support Cheney and once called Trump a racist. The fact that Hageman now supports Trump and endorses the false narrative that the 2020 election was stolen, shows the control the former President still has on the Republican Party.

Cheney lost many of Wyoming’s votes because of her stance and vocalization against Trump. Earlier in the year, she was censured by her party, losing her position as number 3 House Republican for going up against Trump. Cheney has been one of the loudest voices condemning Trump’s actions leading up to the January 6th attack on the Capital and joined the January 6th Committee.

After seeing the tallied votes, Cheney responded with a speech where she acknowledged the path she had taken, accepted her loss, and said, “now the real work begins.” In her speech, Cheney said she does not regret taking the course that led her to a loss. Cheney also mentioned the organization of a campaign to defeat Trump’s influence and said she “will do whatever it takes to ensure Trump is never anywhere near the Oval Office.”

Cheney is now the fourth house Republican to lose a primary election after they voted to impeach Trump last year. Many Republican voters are taking Trump’s advice and voting for those that he endorses and supports.

In Cheney’s speech, there were many references to not giving up, such as that of Abraham Lincoln, who lost an election for the senate but won in the end. There is speculation that these connections and vows to stop Trump may include Cheney running for President in the 2024 elections.

Many Democrats and some fellow Republicans are giving Cheney praise for standing up against Trump. In her speech, Cheney highlights that she will fight against Trump and protect American Democracy.

It may be the end of Liz Cheney as Republican representative, but another door leading to the White House could be opening.

“Image from Liz Cheney social media”