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Woodstock Has A Plan To Address Winnipeg’s 600+ Boarded-Up Homes

New financial incentives and special grants to cut through City Hall’s red tape while reducing long permit wait times

Winnipeg Mayoral Candidate Don Woodstock’s latest policy announcement looks at taking a different approach to tackling the city’s derelict housing problems.

Mayoral Candidate, Don Woodstock

According to Woodstock, Winnipeg has approximately 600 boarded-up homes in the core area. “These derelict homes are creating a major problem for our community as they are being used for drug homes & are major fire hazards. ” Said, Woodstock

He added that the property owners lack the financial resources to develop or improve these dwellings and proposed a simple, streamlined approach to home development.

Unerwoodstock’s proposal;

1) Properties in the core area will receive high priority for renovation and new buildings.

2) The city will offer a Special Grant Program for responsible owners & renovators.

3) For new builds, the city will have seven different models of ‘rubber stamped’ engineered drawings available at no cost to you.

4) Procedures that need urgent attention: a) By-Law enforcement: Compliance orders for the core area, b) Quicker turn-around times for permits.

Woodstock’s proposal would cut down the time it takes the city to issue permits from 6-8 weeks to three. A streamlined process does have its merits in reducing red tape, which can translate to more development and taxes coming into the city.

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