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Melisa Ellis, Nobellum Enterprise – Leader, Innovator, Black Excellence

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Ellis, paving the way for Black Lead Business in the tech industry

She has worked for several companies, providing leadership and guidance throughout business transitions into the digital space and corporate-wide adoptions of progressive technologies. In one of her most noteworthy projects to date, Melisa led the technical implementation of a multi-million-dollar robotics facility that produces digital billboard signs for Media Resources Inc.

Melisa is an entrepreneurial spirit motivated by action and an unwavering work ethic, driving her to achieve notable change in critical aspects of our society. Outside of her ground-breaking work at Nobellum, Melisa is a regular lecturer at numerous educational institutions and a frequent panellist on subjects including entrepreneurship, youth career advancement and information technology.

She is currently co-authoring a book about female entrepreneurship for those just beginning their journey. In June, she is a scheduled keynote speaker alongside many global leaders at the upcoming World Diversity in Leadership Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Away from her work, Melisa enjoys spending time with her family, being an active member of her community, mentoring the next generation and enjoying various outdoor activities.

Ellis is a trailblazer in her industry and continues to inspire and give back to her community. Despite the barriers black female entrepreneurs encounter, they continue to develop and grow successful businesses that inspire others, offer flexibility, allow them to provide for their families, and ultimately provide personal fulfillment and a sense of achievement. Amid the current social and cultural climate, Black women entrepreneurs and business owners have used their businesses to bring a sense of hope and optimism to those in their community.

Through the work of the Nobellum Enterprise, under the steady guidance of Ellis and her world-class team, Black entrepreneurs have the same opportunities to be best advise by top industry leaders. Their path and road to triumph have not only been paved but also been lit, and they have a front-row seat on the drive to success.

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