Quebec Opens More Than 30 Criminal Investigations Into Fake Vaccine Passorts
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Quebec Opens More Than 30 Criminal Investigations Into Fake Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports: Statements of offense have been served and investigations are ongoing

A first wave of statements of offense under the Public Health Act has been served in recent weeks on offenders in connection with the obtaining and use of false evidence vaccines following surveys conducted by the Unité Permanente Anti Corruption (UPAC).

Last January, UPAC announced that investigations had been launched into various fraudulent schemes aimed at the use, manufacture or trafficking of false vaccine passports.

In addition to these criminal proceedings, several other files will be submitted for analysis to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), both in criminal and penal matters. Currently, about thirty criminal investigations are still open.

It should be recalled that the DPCP has positioned itself by indicating that  “offences committed in connection with the manufacture or use of a false vaccine passport should not be subject to non-judicial treatment or an alternative measure “.

Anyone with information about these reprehensible acts can contact UPAC by completing the whistleblowing form  available on its website.

The Commissioner for the Fight against Corruption is a specialized police force whose mission is to ensure, for the State, the coordination of actions to prevent and fight against corruption in the public sector. It does this by leading and coordinating the government-appointed investigation and verification teams that form the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit.

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