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Québec Makes Progress In Protecting Endangered Caribous

Measures for wildlife protection are an ongoing conversation between the Government of Canada and Quebec.

In Quebec City on Monday morning, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change addressed the management, protection, and recovery of boreal caribou.

Since 2003 Canada’s Species and Risk Act has declared the caribou as threatened. The government of Quebec, along with Indigenous nations, are hoping to take action to aid the local caribou population. They are progressing with financial help and support from the federal government. In the release this morning, Steven Guilbeault (Minister of Environment and Climate Change) stated, “The only way to save the caribou is to work together with all levels of government and Indigenous peoples, the original guardians of the land. The efforts we are making today will have positive impacts on caribou. We will be monitoring our progress to ensure we meet the goals necessary to restore healthy caribou herds.”

The government’s goal is to increase the caribou population to be self-sustaining for the longer term. To achieve this goal, they plan to adopt measures that reduce disturbance of the caribou habitat and reach 65% undisturbed habitat.

Measures will be taken to ensure the protection of wildlife. This topic is an ongoing discussion between the Government of Canada and Quebec. They are finding ways to guarantee that financial and transitional measures do not negatively affect the economy and the environment.

So far, Quebec has contributed $12 million, and the Government of Canada has put forward $6.1 million. The final version of the measures for protection and management of the caribous will come out in the summer of 2023.