Unsealed Justice Department Affidavit, Damaging To Trump
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Unsealed Justice Department Affidavit, Damaging To Trump

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A Florida judge has unsealed the Department of Justice’s heavily redacted affidavit of the F.B.I search on his Mar-A-Lago compound

It has been weeks since the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) executed a legal search on the former disgraced U.S President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago compound. That lawful search has seen members of the Republican Party and Fox News, and right-wing media cast doubt on the warrant’s validity and demand the unsealing of the affidavit of causes for the search. 

In a request for “transparency” and support of public approval, the Trump legal team demanded that the Florida Judge presiding over the case release the full un-redacted version of the affidavit filed by the Depart of Justice (D.O.J.). Trump’s team knew that the D.O.J. would not make such a request or it would jeopardize their case against the disgraced former President, and did so intending to gain support from the M.A.G.A. sycophants.

Furthermore, none of the lawyers representing the former President filed a motion in court to un-seal the affidavit. In the wake of public interest, several news outlets filed suit against the D.O.J to release the affidavit, granted today by a Florida Judge, with sections heavily redacted.

The 36-page document is damaging to the former President, although heavily redacted. The document cites multiple witnesses who have provided significant evidence against the former President. The D.O.J calls the affidavit a detailed roadmap to criminal charges against the former President.

In January 2022, after a year of negotiating with the D.O.J, the Trump team turned over approximately 15 boxes to the National Archive. A subsequent 26 boxes more were retrieved from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago compound in the F.B.I’s search. This was after Trump’s attorney submitted a signed affidavit falsely indicating all boxes and classified materials had been returned to the national archives.

The unsealed affidavit cites Trump for having his possession:

  • 184 classified documents from 15 boxes earlier this year, 67 documents marked as confidential.
  • 92 documents marked as secret.
  • 25 documents marked top secret, as stated in the affidavit’s filing.

Naturally, the unsealing drew quick condemnation from Trump, who took to his struggling social network, Truth Social, which is being sued for $1.6 million in unpaid operating fees. Trump told his M.A.G.A worshippers he was again the victim of the F.B.I and D.O.J. 

Trump is facing multiple legal cases in civil and criminal courts, and for the first time in decades, many of them appear will stick. Trump has acted without care and with malice toward the rule of law and government decency. A felony conviction for Trump would bar him from being able to run in any future presidential election, which is the outcome many Republicans are quietly praying happens. 

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