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Trump’s Truth Social Is On The Decline

Donald Trump’s social media app is facing serval issues that could lead to its demise

After being banned from many social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Trump took to creating his platform to converse. Trump named the app “Truth Social” and publicized the platform as one where people can speak freely and not be afraid of being silenced.

However, the app is causing many issues for the former president and even had a rough launch. The platform was launched in February, but many people could not make an account or access it until a few months later. Also, the app is only available for IOS, which means people with androids cannot download the app, which makes up about 44% of smartphone users. This is causing a limitation of users set by the platform itself.

Recently, Trump applied to have the name Truth Social trademarked; however, the patent was refused because there is another platform with a similar name.

In addition, the platform has not paid the wed-hosting fees. Fox Business noted that Trump now owes the platform RightForge $1.6 million for publishing the site.

The number of users and visits to the site has not been what the platform was hoping for. When the app first went live, there were around 1.5 million users daily, and now it has dropped to 300,000 daily. Trump, the most popular user on the site, only has 4 million followers, which is only a tiny percentage of the amount he had on Twitter.

One of the more serious issues is the merger of Trump’s social media and the blank check company Digital World Acquisitions. The company is under investigation for making the deal before going public with it, which is illegal.

Digital World Acquisitions had a significant drop in the stock, decreasing by $6.5 million. The merger has been pushed back, with Digital World Acquisitions saying they are cautious of Trump’s popularity reducing, which could have adverse effects on their business.