Mayoral Candidate Storms Out In The Middle Of Seniors Debate
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Mayoral Candidate Storms Out In The Middle Of Seniors Debate

Candidate Jenny Motkaluk, turned off potential voters when she walked out of the Good Neighbours Active Living Centre Mayoral debate

The race to become Winnipeg’s next Mayor held its first debate yesterday, hosted by the Good Neighbours Active Living Centre. Out of the large field of 15 Mayoral hopefuls, only nine showed up for the event.

Falcon-Ouellette, Loney, Woodstock, Bokhari, Adelaku, Clacio, Murray, Thawani and Motkaluk addressed concerns of the senior community. Motkaluk was vocal with a few spirited remarks aimed at Murray, questioning his commitment and desire not to quit if elected Mayor.

But the most heated debate exchange was between candidates Woodstock and Motkaluk. Woodstock wanted Motkaluk to address alleged concerns of conflict of interest between her and Bayview Construction, in which her brother John Motkaluk is one of the founding principles.

Woodstock asked Motkaluk how she would control how the city spent and gathered crushed gravel, seeing that it pays around $40 a ton and sells it back at a cheap discount. During the debate, Woodstock expressed his opinion that Bayview Construction benefits from lower prices to gather the used crushed aggregate, upsetting Motkaluk and her campaign team and prompting them to walk out mid-debate.

Walking out in the middle of a debate is never a good look for a candidate. Winnipeggers want a Mayor that is a fighter, and the debates will only get more challenging and nastier leading up to election day.

It is also to note that following the debate, Don Woodstock informed the media in a press release that he received notice from John Motkaluk’s lawyer, threatening legal action.

“At a Candidate’s forum yesterday, Jenny Motkaluk walked out because she couldn’t handle a tough discussion. Now, I am being threatened with a lawsuit. Should candidates fear lawsuits after debates? Should Jenny Motkaluk be invited to future debates or forums?

Please see attached to this release an email from Jon Motkaluk & Bayview Construction’s lawyer who is Phil Sheegl’s & Sam Katz’s lawyer, threatening to sue me after a healthy debate. I have asked the question several times, “if Jenny were mayor – could she keep her brother’s company, one of the largest contractors of the City of Winnipeg, separate from her or would it be a conflict of interest?” We now know the answer, she can’t, and she won’t.” Said, Woodstock

Winnipeggers head to the polls on October 26 to pick their next Mayor and council amidst a grown amount of candidates wanting the top job, which currently sits at 15 candidates.

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