Will More Countries Move Away From A Monarchy In Favour Of A Republic?
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Will More Countries Move Away From A Monarchy In Favour Of A Republic?

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With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, members of the commonwealth are contemplating their exit from the monarch

While the British monarchy has been around since the 10th century, the recent decades have seen some countries question whether they should continue to support the English monarchy. At least 18 countries worldwide have already removed their royalty and established republics in their place, signalling that the future of a constitutional monarchy in England may be on its way out. Here’s why other countries are abolishing the British monarch.

As we look back on how Britain’s empire swept across much of our planet, it seems unthinkable that someday in this century, we’ll live without any British monarchy other than Great Britain. But with Brexit going through and Scotland fighting for a second referendum, it’s not as far-fetched as you might think.

There is a recent resurgence in the Republican movement, where citizens advocate for a President instead of a monarch. In other words, they want their countries to be republics rather than monarchies. Advocates state that this would solve many problems, including separation of powers and checks and balances. Citizens in recent years have been frustrated with the current system since they feel powerless as subjects who cannot stand up against abuse by officials.

When Britain voted in favour of Brexit, it was a long-term warning sign that many Britons were dissatisfied with the current leadership. In response, Prime Minister Theresa May called for snap elections and received overwhelming support from parliament. Now, both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have been forced out by their parties while mired in complicated negotiations with European countries still looming years after Brexit. Without strong leadership, this political turbulence is pushing away some investors who fear a volatile economic future for Britain.

With the newly elected U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss, and the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth, citizens with monarchs as heads of state are seriously contemplating if now is the time to ditch the monarch. There is no such thing as a perfect government. With the banana republic inherited by U.S. President Biden and unwavering support for the disgraced former President Trump, maybe countries wanting to ditch the monarch may want to reconsider becoming a republic.

Even with the carousel of British Prime Ministers within the last 5 years, the previous monarch Queen Elizabeth II reigned for 70 years. Which are seven decades of stability overseeing a vast kingdom through wars, pandemics, recessions and technological revolution. Long live the monarchy?

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