Pakistani-Americans' Unprecedented Show Of Support For Flood Victims
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Pakistani-Americans’ Unprecedented Show Of Support For Flood Victims

Ambassador Masood Khan lauds the Pakistani-American community for mobilizing support to Pakistan’s rescue and relief operations

U.S Ambassador to Pakistan, Masood Khan, has praised that the support for flood relief from the American government, Congress, civil society, private sector and philanthropic entities have been ‘massive.’

“The Pakistani-American community has stepped forward to mobilize support to Pakistan’s rescue and relief operations,” Said Khan, addressing the 6th International Studies Conference organized by the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

A total of 1,486 people have died due to flooding in Pakistan since June 14, 2022. Due to increased rain and melting glaciers caused by a severe heat wave, the floods were caused by heavier than usual monsoon rains. The flood is the worst in the country’s history and the deadliest since the 2017 South Asian floods. 

On August 25, Pakistan Senator Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, declared a state of emergency due to the floods. Four days later, she said one-third of the country was under water, at an estimated $30 billion U.S. economic loss displacing 33 million people.

For the past 75 years, Pakistan-US relations have demonstrated remarkable resilience and longevity. The two countries have had their differences over the decade, but they put those differences aside in times of crisis. 

“The camaraderie lives on,” he added. “We will continue to collaborate to enhance security in our region and beyond. We oppose terrorism. We would use diplomacy to resolve conflicts and promote peace,” Masood Khan said.

He also appreciated Ambassador Donald Blome’s efforts to cement the multifaceted Pakistan-US partnership. In the current phase, Pakistan’s top envoy said that the two counties had put economic content at the center of their bilateral agenda.

“In recent high-level visits, we have prioritized trade and investment ties, health partnership, food security, climate change, clean energy, agriculture, tech sector and people to people exchanges.” Said Khan 

Ambassador Khan emphasized the need for the two countries to dispel misperceptions and build trust. Pakistan and the United States have a bright future ahead. Let’s imbibe each other’s perspectives to strengthen our ties.” Said Masood Khan. The United States and Pakistan relationship is not just about politics but its rich and diversified economic, technological, social and cultural landscape.

It should not be international crises that bring countries closer; that being said, a helping hand is a helping hand. The catastrophic floods have devastated parts of Pakistan, its people and its economy. The U.S has already committed $30 million in aid to Pakistan and promises more resources are en route. 

“To help achieve that vision, U.S. civilian assistance to Pakistan has delivered real results on the issues most important to all Pakistanis, including energy, stability, education, health, and economic growth. Since 2009, the U.S. government has committed over $5 billion in civilian assistance to Pakistan and over $1 billion in emergency humanitarian response.” Reported the U.S Embassy to Pakistan

2022 marks the worst year of deadly floods, catastrophic hurricanes, tornados and wildfires destroying hectares of land. There is no denying the effects of climate change!

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