Donald Trump Is An Incredibly Dangerous Cult Leader
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Donald Trump Is An Incredibly Dangerous Cult Leader

The rise of Trump and the M.A.G.A Psyophants is a clear and present danger to democracy and society

Many believe that President Donald Trump is a dangerous cult leader. However, it is essential to understand what makes a cult leader dangerous. In many ways, Trump employs cult-like tactics and techniques to ensure his followers’ loyalty. These include recruiting through fear, exploiting social tensions and propagating misinformation. Although some of Trump’s tactics are unique, other cult leaders use similar strategies to those that Trump uses. It’s important to recognize the similarities between a dangerous cult leader and a politician who uses manipulative and deceitful tactics.

In his 2016 Presidential Campaign, the disgraced President coined the phrase Make America Great Again,” or M.A.G.A. The slogan spread like wildfire and became the battle cry for White Supremacists, The Republican Party, fascism and intolerance. The M.A.G.A symbol is a sign of hate and is rebuked by most of the world.

As the dangerous cult leader, Trump uses sinister tactics to maintain control over followers: isolating them from outside sources, inciting fear and manipulating relationships. One way that Trump does this is by using social media to demonize his adversaries and spread false information. He used his social media platforms to bully people criticize him, and spread incorrect information. In some cases, he has even encouraged his followers to physically assault people whose truth does not align with his fake narratives. Not to downplay the barrage of threats to sue them or use military action when he was President against other regimes like North Korea and Iran.

Besides manipulating relationships, a dangerous cult leader also uses other tactics to influence followers’ decisions. One way that Trump does this is by ignoring criticism and pretending he does not even hear what people say about him. He also employs the strategy of gaslighting or making people question their sanity. Cult leaders also engage in guilt trips and the promise of salvation to get others to do what they want.

Apart from these tactics, a dangerous cult leader also employs scare tactics to influence the decisions of his followers. The purpose of this is to spread false information and create social tensions to convince people to comply with his instructions. Trump is famous for spreading false rumours about other politicians, creating fear in public regarding immigration policy and using scare tactics regarding national security.

Apart from these tactics, some cult leaders use deception and dishonesty to get what they want. This includes lying and misleading people so that they will have no way of knowing if he is telling the truth or not. In addition, some cult leaders will even go so far as to break laws to get their followers into more trouble with the law. A perfect example of this was the January 6th insurrection that eventually saw hundreds of Trump worshippers arrested and jailed.

Some tactics employed by Trump are unusual, but others are similar to those used by other cult leaders throughout history. For example, every group has a leader whose commands must be obeyed without question. By doing this, a cult leader influences the group’s thinking and feelings and controls their behaviour toward others. This is why it’s essential for people to critically analyze their leaders so that they can make good decisions regarding them.

Not all politicians use manipulative methods like those of Trump, but many employ similar tactics when dealing with their followers. Politicians often use fear and guilt trips to get others to support them- just like a cult leader would do. However, not all politicians use fear as effectively as Trump does because he incites fear about things other politicians don’t consider controversial enough for fear-mongering purposes- like building walls or instituting travel bans for certain nationalities.

It’s easy for people to denigrate someone as dangerous just because he does something wrong or has bad intentions without considering all the good he has done for his country and the world. A person can still be a good person despite doing bad things, and being evil just because he does bad things does not automatically make him a bad person overall.
However, in the case of Trump, he is evil, immoral, misogynistic, disgusting and very dangerous.

Donald Trump employs some of the same deceptive tactics as a destructive cult leader, which is precisely why he is a dangerous person. Trump’s actions have led to the deaths, violent terrorist attacks on the U.S Capitol, misinformation about COVID-19 and the election being stolen.

74,222,958 people voted for Trump in the last Ul.S election, making him the leader of one of the most significant cults in American history. Trump has people willing to kill for him like they did Charles Manson. Like Jim Jones, people willing to sacrifice themselves and storm a capital die in the process. And like Hitler, Trump has the support of White Supremacists and embraces far-right nationalism and ideologies that, if not properly contained and extinguished, could be the next full-fledged civil war responsible for the destruction of democracy and the deaths of millions of people.

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