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America Has Two Parties, One Democratic, And One Fascist

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The Republican party is no longer the party of Lincoln; they embrace Fascism

The Republican Party has become more aligned with far-right ideologies in recent years. They believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, and support President Trump’s policies.

They also oppose abortion rights, LGBT2Q+ equality, immigration reform, and gun control. These views are at odds with most Americans who want these issues addressed. This shift began when Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. He appointed many people from the alt-right movement into positions within his administration.

They have continued to push their agenda through legislation, including tax cuts that benefit corporations and wealthy individuals. As a result, the Republican Party has lost much of its credibility among voters.

According to the latest poll from Five Three Five, only 43% of Americans would support the Republicans Congress in the upcoming election. The 2022 mid-terms were to be a referendum against Biden by the right-wing media, and what was supposed to be a red wave is shaping up to be a blue Tsunami.

So what changed? And why does this matter?

Well, it matters because the Republican Party used to be the party of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln fought against slavery, believed in equal rights for all citizens, and wanted to protect civil liberties. But today, the Republican Party is led by politicians like Donald Trump, Fox News, The Far Right, Qanon and a bunch of spineless elected officials.

Many party members don’t represent Lincoln’s values or the American people. They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, anti-Semitic, and pro-fascist. They aim to make America great again by taking away the rights and freedoms of everyone else. It’s time we recognize the Republican Party for what it really is: A fascist organization.

Ingrid Shavalier
Ingrid Shavalier
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