Racism Continues To Be The Bedrock Of American Politics
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Racism Continues To Be The Bedrock Of American Politics

The election of Trump took the shame out of being closeted racists

Racism has been a part of American history from its very beginning. In the early 19th century, abolitionism was a major movement in the United States, and many regarded abolitionists as racists. At that time, racism was associated with the Democratic Party, and abolitionists opposed slavery.

Even today, many people in the U.S. regard the Democratic Party as racist. The same can be said about the Republican Party- they are typically regarded as the party that supports racism and fascism and openly embraces white supremacy and conspiracy theories. However, both parties have not gone far enough to address issues that affect racial groups in the U.S.

In 1876, white Democrats put Abraham Lincoln’s name on their party’s platform for the first time, making issues of race a talking point of their campaign. This was a major shift from previous years when Democrats did not include racial issues in their platform. Some people believed racial issues were Democrat issues because racist Democrats dominated the party then. Over time, racial issues shifted from being an issue of the Democratic Party to an issue for all parties- but it has not gone away since it is still a prominent part of American history.

It has always been clear to American voters that racism needs to be addressed on a national level. However, its deep roots in slavery, civil wars, and bigotry passed from generation to generation, which makes it a challenging endeavour.

Americans constantly face a barrage of political rhetoric from both parties on various issues. However, the Republic party is steadfast in keeping up with the racist ways of Jim Crow. What used to be smoke and mirrors and closeted racists, Republicans under Trump, Mcarthy and Mitch McConnell, have openly embraced and rolled out the red carpet to far-right extremist candidates while doing little to stop the hate speech within their party.

It is impossible to end racism in American elections. However, there are some things you can do: First, educate yourself on political issues so you can vote intelligently and make informed decisions about who you will support in future elections.

Next, encourage your friends and family to recognize the harm of voting for candidates that are racist and only want to see the further division and destruction of America.

Finally, stay informed about what is happening in American society, especially regarding race relations and how this affects politics and society at large. As racism in American politics does not seem to disappear anytime soon, understanding racist policies and fighting them whenever possible will enable you to fight against them.

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