Can Society Ever Achieve World Peace?
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Can Society Ever Achieve World Peace?

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Do all nations even want peace?

World peace is an ideal we all share. It is a situation where everyone respects the rights of others and seeks to ensure global stability. The concept of world peace is very noble; humanity must work towards it. However, achieving global peace is difficult. Globalization has made world peace easier to achieve. Many people hate the term globalization, but it describes an interconnected world population.

Trade and travel have made this population even more diverse. This increased contact creates more opportunities for conflict to arise. However, it also creates opportunities for cooperation and peacebuilding. Tolerance is increasing worldwide due to globalization- led contact and communication. As such, it’s becoming easier to promote world peace.
Promoting world peace is a humanitarian duty.

Since wars are so painful and costly, many people refuse to support war activities in any way. They support humanitarian aid and other peaceful means of helping those affected by conflict zones. Doing so helps those people without causing any harm to either the victims or the participants in wars. Doing so keeps people safe and helps those in need without hurting anyone’s interests directly or indirectly.

Moral differences cause more conflict than anything else. Many wars arise from moral differences such as racism, nationalism and corruption. People fight over who gets to be the boss of a country or organization- whether it be a corporation, army or other institution. These factors lead many people to take up arms against one another. The ultimate solution to this problem would be enlightenment- which would help people understand the truth and remove their bias toward it. Until that happens, wars based on bias’ must stop before world peace can be promoted effectively.

Promoting world peace is an essential humanitarian duty; global cooperation makes world peace much easier to achieve. Cultural differences are what lead many people to take up arms against one another. Promoting world peace will be difficult until everyone understands and respects the same moral standards. However, if we act now, that battle may become much easier in the future.

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