Why Is Glen Murray Front Runner Based On Polling 0.0007202881% Of Winnipeg Population
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Why Is Glen Murray The Front Runner Based On Polling 0.0007% Of Winnipeg’s Population?

Will the media ever eliminate the need for polling?

Winnipeg has roughly 833,000 people, but the media is hell-bent on portraying Glen Murray as the front runner to be the next Mayor based on the opinions of only 600 people.

The Full Poll Breakdown by The Numbers

Is it realistic to consider the opinion of less than one percent of a population as a majority opinion? Pollings are good fodder to gain media attention and sway public opinion. It’s time the media stop prioritizing them as they do not represent the masses. 

Not all voters are political enthusiasts, but it is the presumption they can formulate their own opinions as to who they feel best represents them and their values. In the 2014 election, according to polling, Judy Wasylycia-Leis was the front-runner to become Winnipeg’s next Mayor, and Bowman won. Time and time again, pollings are often wrong, and yes, they do get it right sometimes, but do people care? Has society gone so far down the rabbit hole that they willingly accept the narratives of the mainstream media?

Glen Murray did many good things for the City of Winnipeg when he was Mayor, and it’s crucial to acknowledge that. It is also equally important to recognize if Murray had never quit on the people of Winnipeg, they would have never gotten Sam Katz as his replacement. 

The people of Winnipeg will ultimately decide if Murray deserves another shot to be the city’s top administrator. And recent allegations surrounding Murray’s short tenor at the Pembina Institute do not provide glowing reasons why he should return to City Hall.

Allegations were first reported by C.B.C. of Murray being intoxicated at a work function, sexual harassment, making sexual innuendos in the workplace, physically assaulting a former employee and rubbing up against him, “pelvis to buttocks.” In addition to these allegations, former Caledon Mayor Marolyn Morrison has also made allegations of intimidation by the former Mayor. These are all allegations that have been denied by Murray. It’s important to note Murray did offer an apology to the Pembina Institute for his leadership style.

Less than 30 days from the election, it will be interesting to see if Murray is still the front-runner based on the next round of polling. On October 26, Winnipeg will move forward by ushering in a new leader or look to the past by re-electing Murray.

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