California On The Verge Of Electing A Dead Candidate To Public Office
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California On The Verge Of Electing A Dead Candidate To Public Office

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Chula Vista City Attorney Candidate Dan Smith Warns of Fallout from Misinformation if His Deceased Opponent Wins Upcoming Election

Election season is a period of extreme political tension. When war, natural disaster or the death of a candidate interrupts the political process, it highlights the fragility of democracy. Any disruption in the political system leads to chaos and confusion, which some believe creates an opportunity for chaos to spread and undermine democracy altogether. Unfortunately, this is not an anomaly- similar unrest has occurred in other democracies around the world during election seasons.

In the case of Dan Smith, California candidate Dan Smith, the candidate for City of Chula Vista City Attorney, is sounding the alarm after his opponent, Simon Silva, tragically passed away last month, yet remains on the ballot in the upcoming election. According to Smith, Silva’s untimely passing has created a unique situation with major ramifications should he win the race.”Sadly, the Democratic Party is not properly informing voters of my opponent’s passing and actively promoting his candidacy as if he were still alive. With ballots set to go out in just several days, voters need to be aware that should I be defeated in November, among other things, taxpayers will be on the hook for a two-million-dollar special election. This is money that can be better spent on police funding, homelessness and even filling potholes,” Smith said.

Smith also noted that his defeat will disenfranchise countless Chula Vista voters, particularly those who are uninformed of recent events and cast their votes for Silva.

He added, “I am truly saddened by Mr. Silva’s passing — he was a good man and a great lawyer. However, the choice is now clear for Chula Vista voters. If elected, I will work tirelessly to represent all residents of the city in a non-partisan manner, while at the same time, honoring the legacy of my opponent.”

In cases like this, dead candidates’ families may feel deeply hurt that voters did not show their respects after their loved ones passed away. Over the years, many families have publicly stated that they will never understand how people could have voted for a dead candidate- especially if that candidate’s rival was still alive.

Since elections are generally so emotionally charged, campaigns have used funerals as campaign events. They use this as an excuse to lure supporters of the deceased candidate closer to their side whenever possible. Although this can be very successful, it blurs the lines of morality. It further complicates the election process if the deceased person wins the election, resulting in a family member replacing them, an appointment by the head of the jurisdiction that could be of an opposing party or the start of a costly by-election.

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