Biden Pardons All Federal Offense Of Simple Marijuana Possession
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Biden Pardons All Federal Offense Of Simple Marijuana Possession

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Biden making good on one of his campaign promises

Yesterday U.S. President Joe Biden made an unprecedented move by an Executive Order pardoning all citizens charged, jailed, imprisoned or convicted for simple possession of marijuana.

For years activists have been calling for legislation that reflects Biden’s presidential order. Currently, marijuana is also classified as a class one drug offence under the same category as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and other hard narcotics.

Biden has also called on his State Governors and administration to follow his lead and expunge the records of those convicted of simple possession of marijuana charged at the state level. A conviction of marijuana use prevents individuals from employment, loans and other financial assistance under various statutory laws.

Biden further has instructed his justice department to devise a plan that would see the reclassification of simple possession of marijuana to ensure it is not a felony or imprisonable offense. Many states throughout America have already legalized recreational and medical marijuana, making it a practical shift in policy.

Biden points out that most of those convicted for simple possession are people of colour and are far more likely to receive harsher sentences than white Americans convicted for cocaine.

Biden’s announcement comes when Republicans are hemorrhaging at polls, which is why he is riding an optimistic blue wave into the midterms.

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