Am I My Brother's Keeper?
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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Who has your best interest at heart?

Brothers are essential for a healthy family; they provide emotional and financial stability. They also act as role models and mentors. In many cultures, brothers are treated far more kindly than sons because they belong to each other and will do anything to help each other. Brothers are essential to the wellbeing of the human race; without them, many people would go mad from loneliness.

Brothers provide support and companionship to each other. Most people worldwide have no contact with extended family members; brothers provide that extended family. They ensure that each member is cared for and protected during trouble. They also share income and possessions and help each other grow spiritually. They help each other in times of need and stand by each other during hard times. Thanks to them, most people can feel loved and secure.

Brothers exemplify what family members should look like. Most people know how to treat their brothers; they treat them with kindness, compassion, and love. When they succeed, they share their success with them. When they fail, they seek the help of their brothers. Every interaction demonstrates gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them by their brothers. Most people live out the example that we’re going to leave them; we’re showing them what our ideal brother should be.

Brothers are a vital part of our spiritual growth as individuals. Buddhism teaches that everyone has a past life as a monkey; we derive our current behaviour from how we treated those monkeys in our past lives. How we treat our brothers forms the model for how we should act toward people. We learn from the examples of kindness that brothers set for us when we’re young. We can then apply this model to our relationships with everyone else. If they see us treating our brothers well, they’ll reciprocate down the line- forming lasting bonds between us all.

Brothers are essential to humanity; they enhance our wellbeing by providing emotional security and financial assistance. Our family values show up in our relationships with our brothers. Our brothers serve as a model for spiritual growth. Without them, most people would go mad from loneliness- instead, we must keep anyone who needs it forever.

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