Russia's Indiscriminate Bombing Of Ukraine Draws Worldwide Condemnation
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Russia’s Indiscriminate Bombing Of Ukraine Draws Worldwide Condemnation

Russia is badly losing the war in Ukraine and continues to signal it has no reservations about using nuclear weapons

The bombing of Putin’s prized $3 billion bridge linking Russia to the illegally annexed Crimea just days ago has been a significant embarrassment to the Russian dictator. This was Europe’s longest bridge spanning 19km and was a key to transporting Russian supplies to the war zone by land and rail. 

The destruction of the Kerch Strait Bridge was expected to draw a forceful response from the Kremlin. Last night, the Russian military responded by bombing cities throughout Ukraine with extreme prejudice. This move has been condemned by the United Nations, prompting more sanctions against Russia.

“We are shocked by the reports from our aid workers on the ground about the attacks across Ukraine, including in Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil and Dnipro. 

Thousands of civilians were on their way to work and school when the attacks took place, leading to injuries and loss of life. Civilian and critical infrastructure have been damaged, disrupting communications, water and electricity supply in several areas. 

Yet again, ordinary people are paying the highest price for this war. Parties to the conflict should need no reminder that civilians and civilian infrastructure should never be a target. “NRC has staff and operations in several of the cities targeted this morning and we have halted operations until it is safe to resume. 

We cannot aid vulnerable communities when our aid workers are hiding from a barrage of bombs and in fear of repeated attacks. Protecting civilians from harm and being able to reach them safely with humanitarian aid is our primary concern. This must be facilitated and prioritized by all parties to the conflict.” Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Russia has lost the war in Ukraine from a public opinion and a military standpoint. The indiscriminate shelling of civilians by Russia’s military may have backed world leaders into a corner by granting Ukraine’s wish for more lethal military equipment. This would include long-range missiles, fighter jets and drones capable of bombing long-range targets.