When Is It The Right Time For A Politician To Call It Quits?
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When Is It The Right Time For A Politician To Call It Quits?

It is very hard for a politician to let go of power once they’ve had it for years or even decades

When politicians run for office, they often promise change. However, how they run their respective province, city, and country often contradict the promised change. If politicians can’t bring about the change they want, they may find their job more challenging as time passes. If this happens, they may have to consider whether they can lead their administration successfully. At that point, they may want to consider stepping down and letting another person take their place.

A politician’s job is challenging and demanding- so quitting when you fail at it is realistic. However, many politicians cling to power and refuse to accept failure. Rather than admitting their mistake, they will cover it up and get their way again. Being this stubborn is self-destructive, so if you’re stuck in this mode, consider quitting before you go any further.

Resigning is usually better than getting removed from your job:

  1. You still get a paycheque even if you’re removed from your position.
  2. Resigning will protect your pension.
  3. You leave with dignity because you are doing it for the people.

Most people who quit politics go on to successful careers within the government or private sectors. Quit before your ego gets in the way of your happiness and safety.

If you’re still determined to stay in politics despite all these warnings, think hard about when you should quit. For one thing, quitting before your re-election is always a good idea. It’s also in your best interest to leave when all signs indicate a landslide defeat. Especially if you feel like your constituents are against a particular course of action- that’s another good reason to step down immediately. Those actions will make everyone happy and secure your legacy as a successful politician.

The life of a politician is difficult at best- but quitting when things go wrong isn’t ideal either. Instead of staying in an impossible situation, try resigning or taking steps to secure a better future for your family and yourself. 

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