Weekend Round-up By Winnipeg Mayoral Candidates
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Weekend Round-up By Winnipeg Mayoral Candidates

With less than ten days left until the Winnipeg Mayoral elections, candidates are making the pitch to become the top civic bureaucrat. From tax rebates to less funding for Police, to removing employees from top positions, this week’s round-up had a bit of something for everyone. 

Jenny Motkaluk: The runner-up to Bowman in 2018 had the wind at her back heading into 2022 but is now polling in single digits, eliminating her from the live televised debates. Motkaluk’s week was filled with rhetoric on the campaign trail, from wanting to fire the Police Chief and three city appointees to The Forks board. 

Motkaluk held a press conference at the Forks in the week, where anti-vaxxers flanked her. At the same time, she promised to bring Canada day celebrations back to the Forks while giving her take on reconciliation, dispelling critical race theory and rebuking mask mandates.

Motkaluk’s speech felt like she was speaking at a Republican convention in the U.S. With comments like that, one would think she was about to pull out a Make America Great Again (M.A.G.A) hat.

Chris Clacio: The Mayoral candidate wants to see Winnipeg as a central transportation hub. This will include the installation of a spaceport, as he has a vision of what the city will be like 10 000 years into the future. 

Clacio would also implement discounts for low-income citizens to ride public transit, increasing yearly until it was 100% free. 

Don Woodstock – “As Mayor, I will restore Law & Order and give back to the Police the power of the Police Act. There will be consequences for breaking the law regardless of who you are.” Said, Woodstock. He wants to see those committing crimes immediately charged and send a more robust deterrence for those considering breaking the law.

If elected Mayor, he will ensure contractors are held to a higher standard, including criminal prosecution if any funds are misused, or delays are caused in construction, including having them pay for any cost overruns to projects. His administration will seek the maximum penalties for defrauding the people of Winnipeg. This will also include a mandatory exclusionary period of five years from being able to bid on any city contracts.

Rick Shone – If elected Mayor, Shone wants to see the removal of the Police Chief and bring more leadership to law enforcement. This would include putting more services in place to handle non Police matters such as mental health and non-violent or critical incidents. Shone, would also work to improve the city’s transit system, creating one that is reliable and on par with other big cities.

Robert Falcon Ouellette – ‘Winnipeg is home to thousands of military veterans who served our nation honorably,’ said Ouellette. ‘They are an important part of our city, let’s show them what they mean to us.’  

Ouellette would implement several measures to help military veterans in need and honour all veterans living in the city, including housing, free access to some city services, and establishing an Afghanistan Mission Memorial Park. 

At the start of the registration period, 15 candidates were vying for the top job, but only 11 made it onto the ballot. In ten days, Winnipeg will move forward and elect its next Mayor with no ties to City Hall or go backwards and elect someone closely tied to the current administration or one of the past.

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