The Lonely Life Of A Politician
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The Lonely Life Of A Politician

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Politicians are either loved or hated

Everyone has their own opinion on whether or how much politicians are overpaid. Some believe they earn their salary through gruelling hours spent on the job. Others feel they are overpaid due to the perception they do little to assist their constituents. Most people understand that being a politician is not easy. However, few realize just how difficult it is to be one.

A politician’s daily schedule is extremely hectic. They must wake up early and attend meetings that generally deal with issues arising from the constituent office before heading to their government office or legislature for question period. After working all day, some politicians must also attend evening events or meetings that last into the evening.

This is in addition to any press conference, ribbon cuttings and countless meetings with the public and stakeholders they may have during the week. Many of these meetings are with people who want something from the government; this can lead to highly stressful situations for those involved. After a long day, most politicians go home exhausted and immediately fall asleep. The sleep they get is often not restful. It is a demanding daily schedule that few can handle without becoming severely fatigued.

Apart from work, a politician’s position makes them highly unpopular among the public. Many people hate their elected officials, at least some of the time. Even people who voted for them may eventually grow tired of them and wish them out of office. That hatred makes it difficult for politicians to interact with people on an interpersonal level.

Many prefer to keep their distance from others, so they don’t face other people’s problems any more than they have to. Even when meeting someone new, politicians are often cautious and watch what they say around their colleagues. This is because even something seemingly minor can damage a politician’s reputation if it makes its way to a public forum or the media. Essentially, being a politician is lonely; no one likes you, no one trusts you, and no one expects anything from you.

Being a politician is difficult primarily due to the long hours and hostile relationships involved in their job. Luckily, there are ways for politicians to deal with these difficulties; staying positive and spending time with family and loved ones keep them mentally healthy enough to do their job well.

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