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Joe Pereira, Ready To Be The Next City Councillor Of Point Douglas

Pereira is grateful to have overcome a battle with addiction to become an advocate for ending homelessness and fighting for more resources to help combat addiction

People learn and grow throughout their life by making decisions that profoundly affect their future and community. It is also a scientific fact a person’s environment or a significant life event can lead a person with good standing within the community to become involved in certain situations that lead to a life of addiction.  

This scenario is reminiscent of Joe Pereira’s candidacy to be North Point Douglas City Councillor. If there was ever a person worthy of a second chance, it was Joe. For years, Pereira was a prominent realtor in Winnipeg, helping families enter the world of home ownership and business dreamers, realize the pursuit of entrepreneurship and contribute to the city’s economy through commercial acquisitions and development. 

But just like any human, Pereira fell ill to addictions that resulted in decisions and choices he wished would never have happened; they ultimately led to damaged or lost personal and professional relationships.  

“I’m a better person now. I take full responsibility for my past actions. I have dedicated my life to my community and being a better person, and I will be a Councillor that works hard for the great people of Point Douglas. Said Pereira 

For years Pereira has dedicated himself to a life of sobriety and working to find solutions to help those who struggle with addiction. This is one of the key reasons he is running to be the next City Councillor in Point Douglas.

Many well-known and respected community leaders have seen Pereira’s growth and believe he will be an excellent representative for Point Douglas if elected. 

One of those people is his Official Agent and Campaign Manager, Mia Sally Correia, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Navegante Cultural – O Mundial, Manitoba’s Foremost Portuguese Newspaper.

“I personally “tackled” the heartbreaking, frustrating, and ongoing daily cycle of a partner with addictions, where no amount of love, tough or otherwise, was enough. Joe’s call to action to support his campaign and the pull towards doing something to make the world a better place for those living in the obsessive, all-consuming grips of addiction, is a divine calling worth walking this path together.” Said, Mia Sally Correia

The ward is a dichotomy between the middle class and those living above or below the poverty line. It also has many people experiencing various forms of homelessness and addiction issues. For years, community members have been calling for more active representation in the community that addresses these issues, but they have felt their concerns have not been heard.

According to many people we have spoken to within the ward, they are pulling for Pereira. They like that he is approachable and understands the ward’s issues. But most importantly, they feel he is genuine and honest about his past challenges with addictions, which many people understand or working to overcome.

If elected, Pereira plans to build the Phoenix Center, comprising of four locations with the capability of housing 3,000 units to address the homeless situation within the ward and throughout the city. 

Appropriately named the Phoenix Center, symbolizing a rise from the fire, the facility will be a place for helping those facing addiction and offer healing in many forms of treatment. From holistic, medical, spiritual, cultural and emotional support, the Phoenix Center will genuinely be a facility for anyone in need of a helping hand.

History has shown us that people learn from their mistakes by admitting their faults and asking for forgiveness, and Pereira has done that. Trust can be difficult, and for years, Pereira has worked daily to give back to his community and earn its trust. 

It’s important to forgive others when they make mistakes and acknowledge the positives of rehabilitation. Pereira will always have doubters, which is why he is determined to succeed. He is the type of person who will be an active and engaging councillor if elected. Most importantly, he is a representative of the hard-working people of Point Douglas that have signalled they are ready for change.

Image credit Said, Mia Sally Correia

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