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European Union Ambassador To Pakistan, Promises Financial Help For Flood Recovery

Climate change disaster funding will be the main focus at COP 27

Today, Senator Sherry Rehman met with Her Excellency (H.E) Dr Riina Kionka, the Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan, to discuss the ongoing rescue and relief efforts in flood-affected areas as the technical and financial assistance needed to assist those affected.

H.E Dr Kionk expressed great concern about the devastation caused by the floods and assured full support to Pakistan from the European Union. Thanking the EU Ambassador for their support, Minister Rehman said,

“We appreciate EU’s support during these trying times and are looking towards the international community to assist in the rehabilitation process. Due to Pakistan’s unique topography, each province has different needs. We will continue coordinating with the provincial governments to assess their need for assistance and technical capability.”

H.E Dr Kionk will bring Pakistan’s case to the forefront in the upcoming COP27, and Loss & Damage and Adaptation will be at the core of the country’s COP 27 agenda. Ease of access to the Climate Finance will be another agenda at the conference.” H.E Dr Riina Kionka expressed deep regret for the loss of lives due to the devastating floods and assured full support from the European Union.

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