Ryan Knight Named 100 Most Influential Black Canadians
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Ryan Knight Named 100 Most Influential Black Canadians

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Knight, Co-executive Director of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network, has been a pillar guiding businesses throughout Ontario since its inception.

One of the most notable aspects of a society is its culture. Throughout its history, Canadians have made significant contributions to the community through their work and actions. One of the most inspirational people in Canada is Ryan Knight. Knight is Co-Executive Director of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network (A.C.B.N.) from Toronto and was named one of the top 100 most influential people in Canada by Afroglobal Television.

Knight was honoured for his years as a business leader and educator within the community. He has been a true hero and an advocate for the Afro-Caribbean business community, and he has demonstrated through everyday actions- something we should all strive to achieve.

The honour humbled Kight and, like any true pillar of the community, thanked everyone within the A.C.B.N. organization and the community, for they all share a part in the recognition.

“For years, the A.C.B.N. has been a leader in unifying and educating African and Caribbean entrepreneurs to grow their businesses successfully and sustainably. While running a business on your own can be difficult, being part of a supportive community will make your entrepreneurship journey easier.” Said Knight

The recipients of these awards are recognized for their outstanding achievements in business, politics, or the arts. Other recipients are recognized for their work in sports and charity work. Knight’s award is a shining example of leadership and commitment to his community.

Image source AfroglobalTelevision

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