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Republicans Setting Stage For Blue Wave By Unleashing Army of Election Deniers

Republican Candidates Already Setting State If They Lose, With Massive Misinformation Campaigns

Republicans have already started to set the stage for weeks and ramped up their rhetoric on election day, affirming the election has been rigged. They have used the disgraced former President Donald Trump’s talking points as marching orders to deceive the uber-gullible M.A.G.A. sycophants, which has proven to be relatively easy.

  • If a Republican does not win, they should not concede because the race is rigged
  • Declare themselves the winner once the poll has closed
  • Tell voters the polls are rigged if they allow voting to continue beyond the closing of the polls
  • Tell voters if republicans are leading a race based on the in-person votes, they are the winner as mail-in ballots should are tampered with and should not be counted
  • Sue everyone and appeals case courts with judges appointed by Trump

Sadly these are things that can not be made up. There has always been a civil war in America. Trump was the perfect catalyst with power to let the army of racists, bigots, anti-democrats, white supremacists and everyone in between know it is okay to hate without caring about the rule of law, its institutions or civil rights. 

With Trump’s election, he successfully embeds slews of Manchurian candidates in all branches of government. From Federal judges doing his bidding to Supreme court justices and their partners refusing to recuse themselves and ruling on cases in the disgraced M.A.G.A. degenerates favour, America is in trouble. 

In less than a week, Trump will announce his intentions to run in 2024; win or lose, he will show up on an inaugural day claiming to be the winner. And with successfully filling state legislature with election deniers, the civil war will be won by who has the biggest guns and most ammo.

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