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Democrats Hope To Hold The Line As The Balance For Power Remains Undecided

Democrats Senate seats 48 to Republicans 48 – Democrats House seats 190 to Republicans House seats 203

Election night in America has solidified what every sane and decent person has been saying quietly and aloud, democracy in America is for sale, and Republicans will elect the lowest of lowest deplorable candidates opting for the party over the country.

For example, a highly contested race for the Governorship of Texas pits incumbent Republican governor Greg Abbott against former Democratic Congressman Beto O’rouke. The two candidates could not be more opposite in their values, temperament and leadership.

Abbot openly supports anti-science, anti-mask, anti-COVID mandates, and anti-immigration policies. Even when his state had a string of mass shootings resulting in the countless deaths of children, Abbott pushed for less gun control. Beto is the complete opposite of Abbott and stands for decency, humanity and more gun control and progressive policies.

Beto is the Governor Texans need and deserve, but they put back in an incompetent incumbent owned by big money. Texas voted for him and now is stuck with him for another four years and all the horrible decisions that come with electing him.

Then there is Herschel Walker, former Georgia football star and diehard, Koolaid-drinking M.A.G.A. sycophant. By his only party leader’s admission, he is a poor choice for a candidate. He is on the verge of winning the Senate seat in Georgia from respected Democratic incumbent paster Raphael Warnock or, at the very worst, heading to another Senate runoff, seeing that no candidate had broken the 50% threshold.

Walker is the poster child for deplorable candidates and everything wrong with America. And for the sake of the readers, trying to list off every dumb thing that has come out of his mouth would require spending more time talking about him than warranted.

Then there was John Fetterman, newly elected Senator for Pennsylvania, going up against multimillionaire, tv celebrity, and parachute candidate Dr. Oz. The one Oprah made famous and shocked the world with her endorsement of his opponent. Turns out Dr. Oz is nothing more than a product-affiliated pushing Trump sycophant that did not deserve to represent the people of Pennsylvania. Oz has spent over $100 million in the state to come up on the losing end. Pennsylvanians are only too happy to send him to one of his luxury mansions with a basket of crudites.

The results of a gerrymandered American are just another reason the world can no longer look to them in good conscience as leaders in a democracy. Of course, not everyone in America is anti-democratic or supports the M.A.G.A. sycophants, white supremacy or the big lie. But more than half of the country supported Trump and election deniers in the midterms, so there is a legitimate reason for people to be alarmed.

America will always be in a constant state of civil war. They are a country that has always been divided on many issues, such as race, healthcare, voting rights, etc. As long as there is power to be had, people to be oppressed, and money to be made by the special interest, America will never have a democratic system where voting is made easy for the country without the fear of intimidation, suppression, election deniers and insurrection sympathizers.

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