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Never Forget To Thank A Veteran For Their Service

We owe our rights and freedom to the brave servicemen and women that fought with bravery and valour

Today is Remembrance Day, and to all veterans, you deserve our sincerest gratitude for everything you’ve given to Canada and the world in the name of peace and freedom. We must recognize the sacrifices of many men and women who have served this country at home and abroad. So on this day, We would like to thank you all with these words of gratitude—because, without your service to Canada, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedoms we do today. Thank you!

The Department of National Defence estimates that there are more than 462,000 veterans in Canada today; many still live with physical or mental injuries due to their service. We should always show appreciation for what these courageous individuals did for us by saying thank you and showing gratitude for their service, so future generations will not forget.

Thanking a veteran can be as simple as sending them a note or saying hello when you see one. Veterans may have physical and mental health issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to interact with others. A small acknowledgement can make a big difference in their lives; veterans deserve it because of what they have given to our country.

During Remembrance Day, you can show your appreciation for veterans by donating to charities that assist veterans, attending ceremonies at local legions, or volunteering at hospitals or nursing homes to do yard work, read stories, and play games.

Veterans don’t wear their uniforms for fashion or to get a tax break. They do it out of duty and sacrifice for their country. It’s an honour to thank them for their service, knowing that when they leave behind their uniform and return home to civilian life, they won’t receive the same gratitude as those who weren’t in uniform.

On Remembrance Day, let’s remember all those veterans who have served this country and sacrificed so much for it. Rather than complaining about what you don’t have or what you feel entitled to, thank them for their service and for having inspired future generations.

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