Defiant Trump, Set To Announce Second Bid For President
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Defiant Trump, Set To Announce Bid For President

Trump’s candidacy sets up a massive primary showdown with DeSantis and Pence

Today amongst wide speculation, the former disgraced U.S. President Donald Trump will announce his bid to run for President in the 2024 elections. Although urged by many of the top Republican brass urged him to hold off on making his announcement until the Georgia Senate runoff, Trump had declined.

The Republican Party is still reeling from the public repudiation of the M.A.G.A. brand. This was highly due to the outcome of the 2022 midterm election. What was supposed to be a red wave turned out to be a mere Ripple. The Democrats kept the Senate and are poised and picked up a seat, but it appears the Republicans may take back Congress by a sliver of a few seats.

“It’s like the aging pitcher who keeps losing games. If we want to win, we need a different pitcher on the mound. And I know there’s some fans that love him, but it’s time to get off the mound, because we have a real strong bench.” Said Mitt Romney, referring to Donald Trump:

Trump-backed candidates lost terribly in the midterms. The G.O.P. ran a slate of election deniers and M.A.G.A. extremists, all loyal to Trump and turned off independent voters in America. With Trump’s announcement, he is now the presumed Frontrunner with hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank. However, the surging Ron DeSantis is the heir apparent and the party’s preferred choice.

Trump being first out the gate will garner a lot of positive but mainly negative attention as he goes on the defensive and launches an all-out assault on the leaders of the current G.O.P. and his biggest competitor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Republican Party or many call it the party of Trump, is in absolute chaos now and will only get worse. Trump will do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants to get whatever he wants. And if that means Burning Down the Republican Party and burning all roads to re-election for everyone except himself, he will do it.

While newly elected governor DeSantis has not publicly come out and said he plans to run and challenge Trump, it is the worst-kept secret he wants to be President. And when asked in the primaries debates by his leading Democratic opponent, former Governor Christ, if he plans to seek the office of the presidency, he would not provide an answer.

Well, it is expected DeSantis will officially announce his candidacy for President within the upcoming 2023 year. And if he does that, the positive aspect is that he will have to resign as the governor of Florida.

2024, Republican Party presidential primary is shaping up to be the most expensive and nastiest contest ever. And between Trump’s party M.A.G.A, faithful sycophants, and DeSantis’s immoral clan, the two together will have turned off so many independents and moderate Republicans and hand President Biden a second term handily.

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