House leader Kevin McCarthy promises to disband the January 6 Committee to appease Trump and further whitewash the deadly attack on the U.S Capitol.
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Republicans Take Back House In 2022 Midterms

House leader Kevin McCarthy promises to disband the January 6 Committee, further appeasing Trump and whitewashing the deadly attack on the U.S Capitol.

The Republican midterm Red Wave wasn’t a wave but a mere Ripple. Still, it resulted in the U.S House of Representatives being returned to the Republican Party under newly re-elected speaker Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy has openly promised to shut down the January 6 investigation Committee into the deadly insurrection in the U.S Capitol. To further whitewash any discussion of the deadly insurrection and has promised to open as many investigations as possible into the Biden Administration. The staunch Trump M.A.G.A. sycophant is as worse as it can get for democracy. He has made it his point to impede any meaningful progress of the Biden Administration for the next two years, which is only detrimental to the American people.

A January 6th election sympathizer, McCarthy is a spineless leader with little morals and even less self-dignity and is the ideal person to lead a party that has abandoned democracy, decency and the will to serve the people.

The fact that people like him are in charge of making meaningful decisions for the American people is quite a shame. And as much as he tries to put on a public face that his priorities are to govern for everyone, it is not. McCarthy’s hubris, lack of self-worth, and backbone will ensure the next two years of the U.S. Biden is a lame duck in Congress as he does the bidding for the disgraced form President Trump.

Under McCarthy, just as it was under Senate leader Mitch McConnell, the House is where many significant, meaningful bills will die. At some point, the American people will wake up wanting a government that works for everybody and does not just cater to the elites. As long as McCarthy k continues to hoard big money from special interest groups and remains Trump’s whipping boy, any government led by him is doomed to fail.

McCarthy is not a leader; he’s a follower, and his actions repeatedly have proven as such. So for the next two years, Americans and the world will sit back and again watch the circus under an all too familiar ringmaster Kevin McCarthy.

Ingrid Jones
Ingrid Jones
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