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Twitter Is Not Dead; It’s Growing At Record Pace

According to Musk, Twitter’s usage is at an all-time high

Twitter is not dead, and Elon owes the world nothing. When you pay $44 billion for anything, you will do what you want to ensure success without breaking any laws. Twitter users don’t have to like any of the changes Musk is making to the outdated platform. If they dislike them some much, they can leave. If they don’t want to pay for a Blue Checkmark, don’t pay it. And by the way, society failed Musk’s social experiment with the Blue Checkmark.

To the outside, Twitter looks like a dumpster fire as Musk continues to trim the corporate fat and look for efficiencies in the revenue-challenged social network. Before Musk acquired Twitter, it was already a dumpster fire filled with racist, far-right conspiracy Tweets, election deniers and the odd factual information deemed valid.

Musk does not do anything randomly. What may appear to be madness and chaos to the outside world is Musk paving the foundation for Twitter 2.0. Twitter 2.0 will empower and pay content creators and take the best functions of YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, and WeChat. Musk demands his employees work hardcore hours and produce his way of weeding out the people that do not want to be in the organization or like his management style.

Musk is a brilliant mind, and people either love or hate him, but one thing is sure, under his guidance, Twitter 2.0 will be better and more innovative. As Musk continues to troll himself, his $44 billion acquisition, a competent team of computer engineers is advising him and writing millions of lines of code 24/7 to make Twitter 2.0 the social network of choice.

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