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Prime Minister Trudeau Testify In Emergencies Measures Inquiry

Today Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will testify at the Parliamentary hearings to justify why his government invoked the Emergencies Measure Act. It has been the first time the act has been invoked in 34 years of existence.

For nearly six weeks, the Convoy held Ottawa and many cities around the country hostage. They were well-funded, organized groups that most Canadians called domestic terrorists who wanted nothing more than to overthrow the government.

The illegal truckers’ Convoy was an absolute embarrassment to the country, a nuisance to neighbours and businesses and disrupted the economy at the cost of billions of dollars.

“Convoy protestors were very vocal in what they wanted and they were heard, but it was clear they not only wanted to be heard, they wanted to be obeyed. Said Prime Minister Trudeau

He further added the Convoy wanted the health and safety measures put in place to keep Canadians safe removed. And when former Alberta Premier Jason Kenney caved to many of the demands of the illegal Convoy, they were emboldened instead of de-escalating their actions at Coutts border blockage.

There were significant failures on the part of the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments, the Canadian spy agency, CSIS, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, R.C.M.P., and the Ontario Provincial Police, O.P.P. and local law enforcement. In some of the month-long testimonies, there were explosive allegations of top law enforcement agencies betraying the country, bureaucrats leaking sensitive safety information, and sympathizers providing classified information to the convoy organizers, impeding some law enforcement from keeping Canadians safe.

Testimonies leading up to today’s final day of the hearings indicate that everyone had a plan. Still, no one took action until the federal government invoked the Emergency Measures Act. Whether people liked the Emergency Act being invoked or hated it, it was the right thing to do.

Every citizen in Canada has the right to peaceful protest. However, when those protests turned negative, threatened violence against fellow Canadians, and fully wanted to overthrow the government, that threat needed to be shut down.

If Canadians, illegal Convoy occupiers, organizers and sympathizers, don’t ever want to see another Emergency Measures Act invoked, they should not hold Canadian cities and their citizens hostage and don’t threaten to overthrow a democratically elected government.

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