Irene Cara, Star Of Fame And Flashdance, Passedway At The Age Of 63
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Irene Cara, Star Of Fame And Flashdance, Passed Away At The Age Of 63

Cara’s songs Fame and Feeling remain some of the biggest songs in the world

Legendary Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe Fame and Flashdance singer, actor, and songwriter, Irene Cara Escalera, passed away today, November 25, 2022, peacefully at home in Florida. The cause of death has not yet been revealed to the public. 

Cara is best known for her role as Coco Hernandez in the 1980 critically acclaimed movie Fame and for recording the film’s title song, “Fame.” Cara struck gold again for her legendary performance in another blockbuster movie Flashdance, and performed the title song “Feeling.”

“My Heart Is Broken. #IreneCara was such a gifted and beautiful genius. Her talent and her music will LIVE FOREVER! FOREVER REMEMBER HER NAME! #FAME” Said, Debbie Allen 

“It is with profound sadness that on behalf of her family I announce the passing of Irene Cara,” Moose wrote. “The Academy Award-winning actress, singer, songwriter and producer passed away in her Florida home.”

“Irene’s family has requested privacy as they process their grief,” the rep added. “She was a beautifully gifted soul whose legacy will live forever through her music and films.” Said Cara’s publicist, Judith A. Moose

Cara’s legacy will live on forever. She was a vibrant, loving soul that captured the hearts of society through her music, art and love of life. 

Image source Cara, social media

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