What If America Did As Trump Proposed and Abolished the U.S Constitution?
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What If America Did Abolish the U.S. Constitution?

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Chaos, corruption and destabilization of America ensued by centuries of civil would be the only logical outcome

If America were to abolish the Constitution as former U.S. President Donald Trump has suggested, the country would be drastically different. Without this document, there would be no clear definition of what rights citizens have. This could lead to widespread chaos and violence as people fight for their own beliefs about what they deserve. Additionally, without the Constitution, there would be no clear system of governance. The President would likely have more power than ever before, which could lead to abuse and corruption. In short, without the Constitution, America would be a very different place – and not necessarily for the better.

While some Americans see the value in Trump’s proposed abolition of the Constitution, many more see it as a direct threat to America’s progress over the years. The Constitution gives America its strength, and would be a very different nation without it.

If America were to abolish the Constitution as Donald Trump has suggested, what would become of the nation? It’s hard to say for sure, but it seems safe to assume that things would change significantly. After all, the Constitution is the foundation of American democracy. It gives America its structure and stability. Without it, there would be no way to keep the country together or prevent another full-scale deadly civil war.
Without it, who knows what kind of country Americans would end up with?

Maybe Trump thinks that getting rid of the Constitution would be a good way to give himself more power if he was to be re-elected, but it’s hard to see how that would benefit anyone else.

So while it’s impossible to know precisely what would happen if America got rid of its Constitution, it seems safe to say that it would be a big mistake. Trump may think he can do whatever he wants without consequences. Still, suppose he gets rid of the Constitution. In that case, nothing will stop him from turning America into a dictatorship if he retakes the Oval Office in 2024, assuming he is not serving a just due lengthy prison sentence.

Without a Constitution, the Bill of Rights would be gone, and with it, things like freedom of speech and freedom of religion. There would also no longer be any separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches. This would lead to more corruption and abuse of power by those in office. Additionally, without the Constitution, there would be no checks and balances on government power. This could result in an even more authoritarian government that rivals countries like Russia and Syria. Overall, getting rid of the Constitution would be a disaster for America.

There would be no more elections, and dissenters would likely be imprisoned or assassinated. A time like that would be very dark for America, and it would take centuries to recover.

Trump’s actions leading up to his inauguration, his four years of destabilizing institutions, installing proxy justices, and his post-election dangerous tirades should be enough for Americans to want to keep him away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Because if they don’t and heaven forbids it, he is given another chance at the Presidency, God Speed America.

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