Mariya EL amraoui

Jewel Moroccan ‘’Hakim Ziyech’’ The player who listened to his red blood and dug his name with a gold outrigger at the World Cup

Hakim Ziyech He was born, on March 19, 1993 in the town of Drunten, the Netherlands. The youngest of his nine siblings was Moroccan parents, descending from the town of Tavoghalt in the eastern Moroccan city of Volcano, and had migrated to the Netherlands in 1967.

The distinguished left-footed nicknamed the “Moroccan jewel,” and was ranked the best Arab toy maker, but said, “I’m not the biggest star, I’m just doing my job on the pitch and trying to do the best for my country.”

He also greatly appreciates that his sister is his biggest fan in his family, and he owes credit to his mother who stood up when he won the Best Player in the Dutch League award, in the middle of the concert hall, and said about her, “This is my mother, she is the real hero, not me. It’s everything to me, and without her she wouldn’t have stood in front of you today, so please greet her because she led me here to stand before you.