Canadian Premiers Want More Money For Healthcare, With No Oversight And No Plan
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Canadian Premiers Want More Money For Healthcare With Limited Oversight

Healthcare systems in Canada have reached their breaking point and require new, innovative ways of administering care

It is generally considered important for governments to be transparent and accountable in their spending of public funds, including in the healthcare sector. It would be reasonable for the Canadian government to expect that Premiers have a concrete plan in place for how they intend to use any additional funding to improve healthcare in their respective provinces, including specific goals and milestones, as well as a timeline and budget for achieving those goals.

Without a concrete plan in place, it may be difficult for the government to ensure that the additional funding is being used effectively and efficiently to address the challenges facing the healthcare system. It is also possible that Premiers may be able to identify opportunities for collaboration and cooperation in addressing common challenges across provinces, which could help to maximize the impact of the additional funding.

Despite complaining that the federal government doesn’t provide enough healthcare, Canadian Premiers are using funds to buy votes by issuing rebates and refusing to acknowledge that they are a substantial component of why healthcare systems are failing in their respective provinces.

Governments at all levels need to be transparent and accountable in their public funds’ spending and consider the long-term sustainability of their healthcare systems.

Canadian Premiers may have different perspectives on the healthcare system’s challenges in their respective provinces and on the appropriate approach for addressing those challenges. There is also an ongoing standing request from Premiers to have Ottawa stay an arm’s length away from interfering in their process of handling healthcare within their province. However, their approach of telling the federal government to show me the money without oversight or a plan is hubris and playing politics with the health of all Canadians.

Ultimately, finding effective solutions to the challenges facing the healthcare system in Canada will likely require collaboration and cooperation between all levels of government, as well as a commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.

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