Turbocharge Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate Job Opportunities
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Turbocharge Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate Job Opportunities

“The power of visibility can never be underestimated.” – Margaret Cho (American comedian)

Welcome to 2023! I hope this is the year you find an employer where you feel accepted and at home.

A job seeker’s best compass is to prioritize finding where they belong. Think: “I’m not looking for a job; I’m looking for my tribe!”

Imagine how much more efficient (NOTE: I didn’t say “easier”) your job search would be if employers were contacting you about their open positions—asking if you’d like to join their tribe. (Throughout the hiring process, you can determine whether you’ll fit in well with the employer and feel welcomed.

Your LinkedIn profile plays a crucial role in achieving this aforementioned efficiency. It’s common knowledge that a well-thought-out, complete LinkedIn profile attracts attention. 

Truism: Visibility is essential to success.

Ask yourself: “Am I missing out on opportunities because I’m not visible enough?”

Odds are the answer is “Yes.”

Here’s how to turbocharge your LinkedIn profile to generate job leads.

  1. Upgrade your profile picture.

Fair or unfair, your profile picture forms the first impressions of you. Hence, make it a good one!

  • Upload your profile picture to Photofeeler.com.
  • Analyze the feedback.
  • Based on the data, reshoot/edit your picture.

Not having a LinkedIn profile photo is “damaging” and will likely prolong your job search and hinder your employment prospects. 

Lack of a LinkedIn profile photo can result in the following adverse effects:

  • It’ll seem you lack a basic understanding of how LinkedIn works. There’s even a possibility some viewers will presume you’re incapable of uploading a photo.
  • Fake LinkedIn profiles abound. Most people will assume, rightfully so, a profile without a photo is fake.
  • Your profile is incomplete without a photo. In search results, complete profiles appear higher. According to LinkedIn Help: “Members with profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos.”
  • When a LinkedIn profile doesn’t have a profile picture, it suggests that the person isn’t committed to professional networking. If you’re going to a networking event, you can’t hide your face, so why are you hiding it on LinkedIn?

2. Take advantage of keywords.

Recruiters and employers use keywords to find candidates. By using the right keywords, you’ll appear in more searches.

You can find keywords that’ll help you appear in searches by following these steps:

  • Find 10+ job descriptions for target roles.
  • Paste them into Cultivated Culture‘s job description scanner.
  • Save the top 15 skills. (These are your keywords.)
  • Integrate these skills (keywords) throughout your profile.

3. Create a compelling headline.

Your LinkedIn headline is a public one-sentence resume that tells the viewer who you are, what you do, and what you bring to the table.

Using the following formula, you can write a compelling headline:

[Keywords] | [Skills] | [Results-Focused Value Proposition]

For example, a medical device salesperson’s LinkedIn headline might look like this:

Medical Device Salesperson | B2B, Cold Calling, Capital Equipment | I cultivate high-value prospective clients, thus having increased my territory’s sales by 28%

4. Write an ‘About’ section that makes the reader say, “I must meet this person!”

A great ‘About’ section has three parts:

  1. A short paragraph that speaks to your job, years of experience, and value proposition. (Include your keywords!)
  • Five bullets that showcase specific (READ: qualified, measurable) achievements.
  • Your email address so the reader can contact you.

    5. Leverage your ‘Featured’ section.

It’s hard to convey your value on a resume or LinkedIn profile, thus why LinkedIn provides a ‘Featured’ section where you can upload your work and demonstrate your expertise.

Showing your work to employers is the best way to convey your worth. Hence in your ‘Featured’ section, share examples of your work, upload certificates, awards, links to your content etc. 

Speaking of content, create it!

Content (e.g., articles, eBooks, videos, polls, charts and infographics, memes, podcasts) is networking en masse. It’s possible to reach more people through one post than through your entire network of connections.

Posting content, instead of simply uploading it to your ‘Featured’ section, illustrates what you can offer employers and your communication style and personality. Yes, it’s uncomfortable and frightening to put yourself out there, which is why only 2 to 5% of people do it. However, when done strategically, the return on creating and posting is substantial.

6. Skills have an impact.

LinkedIn uses a profile’s ‘Skills’ section to rank profiles.

Boost your ranking by:

  • Add every keyword from your Cultivated Culture scan.
  • Pick the five most relevant skills.
  • Ask colleagues, friends, family, & classmates for endorsements regarding your five most relevant skills.

7. Support and engage.

The more comments you leave, the more views you get!

Try this:

  • Find ten thought leaders in your area of focus.
  • Bookmark their post feed.
  • Every day, check their feeds.
  • Leave a supportive, insightful comment on new posts.

If you need an additional reason why you should give your LinkedIn profile lots of love, besides turbocharging it to attract job opportunities, keep in mind that employers will review your LinkedIn profile to determine whether you’re interview-worthy.


Nick Kossovan, a well-seasoned veteran of the corporate landscape, offers “unsweetened” job search advice. You can send Nick your questions to [email protected].

Nick Kossovan
Nick Kossovan
Nick Kossovan, a well-seasoned veteran of the corporate landscape, offers advice on searching for a job. You can send Nick your questions at [email protected].