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The Ethical Stories of Aquelia Walker

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The Ethical Stories of Aquelia Walker

Aquelia Walker’s two books, Time Takes Time , and My Best Friend’s a Girl, demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamentals of writing for kids. Ms. Walker doesn’t simply write for the fun of using words articulately. Instead, the California-based author infuses her stories with morals and good behavior suitable for growing minds. Therefore, it is easy to see her good intentions as a writer and her desire to be an ethical force in society through delightful children’s literature.

Author Aquelia Walker

In My Best Friend’s a Girl, the author opens the story with Jamel, a kid at Bronco Elementary school who is desperate to achieve equality in the art of friendship. Jamel asks, “Why shouldn’t I have guy friends and girlfriends too?” This rhetorical question has an obvious answer. The kid goes ahead to enact a solid relationship with Bonnie. A more significant part of the book centers on Jamel expounding the good qualities of his girlfriend.

“Girls can do things just as good as guys do,” Jamel says. The theme of equality and togetherness runs deep in this beautiful, well-illustrated book. The writer successfully passes her message on the importance of friendship and the virtues of kindness, respect, patience, and love. My Best Friend’s a Girl triumphs on several fronts because the book is rich in morals and kind emotions.

Time Takes Time is cleverly titled to evoke the poetic quality of alliteration. Staying true to her style, the writer opens the story with exciting illustrations and an atmosphere of friendship. Jamel returns in this book, and the story is also set at Bronco. The overriding theme in this enjoyable read is evident as the text clarifies that “patience is a virtue in the most unusual way.”

With these charmingly shaped stories, Aquelia Walker, songwriter and staff writer at Majestic Music Corporation, succeeds in her vaunted obligation “to entertain people of all ages” while pointing kids to essential virtues in life.

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