Republican Candidate Arrested For Multiple Targeted Shootings At Democratic Legislators
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Failed GOP Candidate Arrested For Multiple Shootings At Democratic Legislators

On the evening of January 16, 2021, the New Mexico S.W.A.T team arrested Soloman Pena for the targeted shootings of several Democratic politicians, including a state senator and a county commissioner. Pena was a failed Republican candidate for state office and a convicted felon. Failing to win his election, he has echoed many of the Trumpian and Lake rhetoric, stating the election was rigged. He is considered to be a far-right extremist and election denier who allegedly contracted out several of the targeted shootings and is also a willing participant.

Pena, who had been previously convicted of multiple felonies, including assault and weapons charges, allegedly opened fire on the homes and locations containing Democratically elected officials. In one case, several bullets went into the bedroom of a young child while she was sleeping.

Pena was quickly apprehended by law enforcement officials and charged with several counts of attempted murder and weapons offenses. He has been described as a deeply troubled individual with a history of violent behaviour and a penchant for making threatening and erratic statements.

This tragic event has raised serious concerns about the state of political discourse in the United States and the potential dangers of violent rhetoric and hate speech. It also highlights the need for stricter gun control laws to prevent dangerous individuals from obtaining firearms, as Pena was a convicted felon and should not have been able to purchase a weapon.

The shooting has also brought to light the issue of the criminal justice system and how it has failed to address the problem of recidivism. Pena had a long criminal record and was released on parole, yet he was still able to obtain a weapon and carry out this heinous act. This raises questions about the effectiveness of current rehabilitation and reintegration programs for convicted felons and whether they are truly addressing the root causes of criminal behaviour.

Many have also criticized the political climate in New Mexico and the United States as a whole, which has become increasingly divisive and polarized in recent years. Some have pointed to the rhetoric of certain political leaders and media outlets, which has been characterized as inflammatory and divisive, as a contributing factor to the shooting.

In the wake of the shooting, many political leaders and community members have called for unity and for a more civil and respectful political discourse. They have also called for stricter gun control laws and for a re-examination of the criminal justice system and its approach to addressing recidivism.

The shooting in New Mexico serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of political violence and the importance of addressing the root causes of criminal behaviour. It is imperative that we work together to create a more peaceful and just society and that we take steps to address the underlying issues that led to this tragic event.

Kingston Bailey
Kingston Bailey
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