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Educating the future generation from the East to the West with Chef Maaref’s inspiring story

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Chef Maaref is a Moroccan-born British chef,restaurateur, and author of the upcoming cookbook “The Secret of Moroccan Cuisine.” He is known as “Frank” because his approach is open, honest, and direct. Currently resides in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, but travels abroad frequently as an ambassador to promote Moroccan food and the country’s rich culture.

Chef Maaref, who was born in Rabat and raised in Talsint, Morocco, attended local schools before moving to Agadir to attend the school of tourism, specialising in food technology, then moved to Europe to further his studies in culinary school.
He gained success through sheer determination and perseverance. He studied at top institutions and universities, where he was mentored by some of the industry’s most prominent figures and acquired the art of French gastronomic cooking.
His credentials and honours are impressive which prompted him to cook for some of the world’s most significant people, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2009, as well as politicians such as John Major, the Malaysian royal family, and professional footballers along with others. Chef Maaref has never forgotten sitting with his mother in the small Moroccan town (Talsint) and watching her create all of his favourite meals throughout all of the years he has worked as a chef of Moroccan/ French Classic Cuisine. By reading his new book, you can learn the secrets he learned from them throughout the years.

He has revolutionised his life, his career, and his experiences, in order to enjoy some of the more challenging recipes in his book from the comfort of your own home, by simplifying it into a manageable experience format.
He experienced a transition into a rosette and Michelin-rated chef, gaining valuable expertise while working in a variety of establishments throughout Europe and Morocco.

His aspirations are to share his expertise and experiences with future generations around the globe, he believes that you have the right to live a life that allows you to reach your full potential if you put in the effort, devotion, and consistency in your daily work and routine. As long as you believe in yourself, no matter what your background, you can achieve amazing things. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Your dreams are valid regardless of where you come from.

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