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RBC’s Training Ground Olympic Program Lands In Winnipeg

Being an Olympian is every child’s dream. The idea of standing on the podium, hearing your national anthem play, and being watched by millions of people is an incredibly powerful and emotional experience. It represents the pinnacle of achievement in sports, and for many athletes, it is the ultimate goal of their careers. The Olympics Read More…

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February 18 is World Pangolin Day!

  February 18 is World Pangolin Day! February 18, 2023, is World Pangolin Day, and the animals are vanishing. They are hunted and killed for their scales and meat, especially in Africa and Asia. Their survival into the next century is worrying. The African Pangolin Working Group and many other pangolin advocates worldwide are not Read More…

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U.S Designate The Wagner Group As An International Terrorist Organization

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced the designation of the Wagner Group as an international terrorist organization. This designation is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to combat the activities of this Russian-backed mercenary group, which has been linked to various acts of violence and destabilization in multiple countries. The Wagner Read More…

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UFO’s, Myths Or Military Cover-ups, Will We Ever Know The Truth?

The phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, has captivated the world for decades. Despite the lack of concrete evidence and scientific explanation, the public’s interest in UFOs remains strong, as evidenced by the numerous sightings and encounters reported every year. One of the reasons for the fascination with UFOs is the mystery surrounding the Read More…

Leveraging LinkedIn to Get a Job – Part 1
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Leveraging LinkedIn to Get a Job – Part 1

A reader emailed me the following question: I was an exec at a small oil exploration services company. We closed our doors due to the economy in 2020, and I’ve been trying to pivot since then. I’ve never been on LinkedIn as I was employed for over 30 years at the same company and didn’t Read More…

Why Are Canadian Cellphone Rates Still Among The Highest Globally?
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Why Are Canadian Cellphone Rates Still Among The Highest Globally?

Canada’s telecommunications industry is dominated by the “big three” mobile network companies: Bell, Rogers, and Telus. These companies control a significant portion of the market and have been criticized for their lack of competition, which has led to high prices for consumers. One of the main issues is that the big three companies refuse to Read More…