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Is It Time Alberta and Saskatchewan Held Their Nose and Vote Liberal?

Alberta and Saskatchewan have traditionally been conservative strongholds in Canadian politics, with both provinces consistently voting for Conservative candidates in federal elections. However, with the ongoing economic struggles in both provinces, some are now questioning whether it is time for a change and if it might be worth holding their noses and voting Liberal in the next provincial and federal elections.

The economic situation in Alberta and Saskatchewan has been challenging in recent years, with both provinces facing high unemployment rates and a decline in the oil and gas industry. The current conservative government has not been able to turn the tide and has not been able to bring the same level of prosperity that existed before.

In this context, it could be argued that it is time for a change in approach and that voting Liberal in the next provincial and federal election could be worth a try. The Liberal party has promised a more diversified economy and more support for renewable energy, which could potentially bring new jobs and economic opportunities to the provinces. Additionally, the Liberal party has also promised more support for the oil and gas industry, which could provide some relief for the struggling industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It is also important to note that the Liberal party has won the last few elections and still has a strong base and a very popular Prime Minister. Despite the fact that the party is a magnet to controversies, scandals and terrible messaging, they are still the favourite to win the next election, contrary to what pro-party pollsters say.

The party has been successful in creating jobs, reducing poverty, and improving the overall standard of living for Canadians. These are all important factors that could benefit Alberta and Saskatchewan as well. However, the rhetoric coming from the right would have Canadians believe otherwise.

Every federal government has had to work with the provinces, and the Trudeau government is no different. It again comes down to the perspective of how much the government is doing for the provinces and the opposition parties’ effectiveness of their spin doctors in communicating with the media.

It is no secret that the Liberal party has not always been a popular choice in Alberta and Saskatchewan and that some may be hesitant to vote for them. However, it could be argued that it is worth holding one’s nose and voting for the party in the next provincial and federal elections, as a change in approach and leadership could bring new opportunities and solutions to the economic struggles faced by the provinces.

Furthermore, it is always worth remembering that if the party does not deliver on its promises or if their policies do not work, citizens can always vote them out in the next election. That is the beauty of democracy and the power of the people to hold their elected officials accountable.

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