Day 1 Wraps and Day 2 Begins Of Trudeau Cabinet Meeting In Hamilton
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Day 1 Wraps and Day 2 Begins Of Trudeau Cabinet Meeting In Hamilton

Day one of the Federal Government cabinet meetings in Hamilton saw long discussions on allocating more funds for healthcare for the provinces. The meeting, held at the Hamilton Convention Centre, brought together key cabinet ministers and officials to discuss and make decisions on a wide range of issues impacting the country.

The discussions on healthcare funding were particularly passionate, seeing the growing demand by the provinces for more money. The issue of healthcare funding has been a long-standing one in Canada, with many provinces needing help to keep up with the rising costs of healthcare services. The aging population, COVID-19, and cuts to services in many parts of the country have also posed challenges to their system, with more and more people requiring access to healthcare services.

Premiers from the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta are among the most vocal in their calls for more funding. They argued that their provinces were facing significant challenges in healthcare funding and that additional allocations were needed to ensure that the necessary services could be provided to the population.

In recent meetings with the press, the Prime Minister has indicated he is open to the idea of increasing the amounts each province will receive in health transfers, but they need to provide a plan of how they will use the funds. However, the Premiers balked at the idea of more oversight, which is not unreasonable as the blank cheque approach does nothing for accountability.

Emerging from his retreat, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the government would be working closely with the provinces to come up with a funding solution that would address their concerns. He has scheduled a meeting with the Canadian Premiers on February 7 in Ottawa to address provincial healthcare matters.

As the meeting took place outside the Hamilton Convention Centre, a group of protesters gathered to voice their opposition to the government’s healthcare policies, and support for the war in Ukraine and demand better treatment for migrant workers. They called for the government to take action immediately to address their issues and to provide more support to those who were most in need.

Day two of the Cabinet retreat saw a lot of discussion on the business community and fiscal governing. This is extremely important as small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. Day three of the retreat will be led by the ministers with the Prime Minister making an early exit to prepare to host His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Image source, PM Twitter feed

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