Carbon Tax Rebate Cheque Go To Manitobans At The End Of The Month
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Carbon Tax Rebate Cheque Go To Manitobans At The End Of The Month

TDS News – On Thursday, the Manitoba government announced a $200-million carbon tax relief fund to provide financial assistance to 700,000 Manitobans affected by increased food and fuel costs. This includes seniors, singles and couples with or without children who lived in the province on Dec. 31, 2021, and whose family net income that year was less than $175,000.

It goes without saying Manitobans welcomed the rebate cheque; however, many add that if their combined family income were in the range of $175,000, they would not require a rebate. The Carbon Tax Relief Fund will provide $225 per single person and $375 per couple. For couples, the lower-income earner will receive the payment. The cheques are slated to go out at the end of January.

“Our initial affordability package focused on helping families with children address back-to-school costs and seniors with fixed or low incomes address inflation-related challenges,” said Premier Stefanson. “Our new Carbon Tax Relief Fund will broaden access to support almost every Manitoban who has to drive to work, take their kids to activities or go out to buy groceries.”

The carbon tax, which the federal government introduced in 2018, places a price on carbon emissions to reduce greenhouse gas and promote cleaner energy sources. The tax has been praised for its potential to address climate change, but it has also been criticized for its economic impact. 

The Manitoba government, in particular, has been vocal in its opposition to the tax, arguing that it places an unfair burden on individuals and businesses in the province. The $200-million relief fund aims to address these concerns by providing financial assistance to those most affected. 

“Last fall, we pledged to continue to help Manitobans as help was needed,” said Stefanson. “Given the cost shock Manitobans are facing this winter from the federal carbon tax and other related increases, we believe Manitobans need our support again now.”.

In a time when Manitobans are feeling the economic pinch, every bit of relief can help. The $200-million carbon tax relief fund is a step in the right direction, providing financial assistance to those who need it most while supporting the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable economy. 

For years the Manitoba government has talked about cutting taxes and reducing what it has dubbed wasteful spending. Depending on who you speak with or what part of the political landscape you lean toward, what one government considers inadequate spending is subjective to another. Everyone can agree that Manitobans will receive a rebate cheque, which the government could have used for other expenses, but instead opted to provide Manitobans with a well-needed relief.

Image source, Premier Twitter Feed

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