Manitoba Finance Minister Resigns To Seek Former Interim Tory Leader's Seat
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Manitoba Finance Minister Resigns To Seek Former Interim Tory Leader’s Seat

Cameron Scott Friesen, member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for Morden-Winkler, has announced his resignation from his position as Manitoba Minister of Finance to seek the seat for Portage-Lisgar in the House of Commons. The seat will become vacant after Member of Parliament Candice Bergen announced she would not seek re-election after 14 years.

Portage-Lisgar is one of the safest Conservative seats in the country, meaning that as long as Friesen wins the nomination, he will likely be elected and head to Ottawa to serve in the House of Commons. Friesen has promised to stay on as Finance Minister until the Premier’s imminent cabinet shuffle.

According to Manitoba rules, a by-election must occur within six months of a vacancy unless a general election occurs first. However, with Manitobans not heading to the polls until October of 2023, whoever the Conservative candidate is selected to replace Friesen, will all but certainly win the safe blue seat.

Friesen won his election in a landslide victory by 80%, demonstrating his strong support in the Morden-Winkler area. He has served as the Manitoba Minister of Finance, Justice, Health, Seniors and Active Living, and Attorney General since becoming a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba in 2011.

His experience makes him a strong candidate for the Conservative nomination for Portage-Lisgar. When he is elected, he will bring a deep routed Conservative mind frame to the House of Commons and will work to represent the interests of his constituents in Ottawa.

This move by Friesen to seek a seat in the House of Commons is not unexpected as the Conservative Party of Canada is currently in opposition, and it is a good opportunity for a strong candidate like Friesen to be part of the government. This is not as big a loss for the Manitoba government as many have suggested, it only means the Premier gets the opportunity to shape her administration.

It remains to be seen who will replace Friesen as the Minister of Finance, but it is clear that the Conservative Party of Canada and the constituents of Portage-Lisgar will continue to have a Tory represent them in Ottawa.

Image source, Friesen Twitter Feed

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