The Golden Jet: Bobby Hull, Dies At 84
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The Golden Jet: Bobby Hull, Dies At 84

Bobby Hull, the legendary ice hockey player known as the “Golden Jet” for his long blonde hair, passed away on January 30, 2023, at 84. Born in Pointe Anne, Ontario, Hull was a trailblazer in ice hockey and a true game icon. Hull began his professional career with the Chicago Blackhawks in 1957 and quickly Read More…

Stefanson's Cabinet Shuffle Is A Welcomed Opportunity For The Premier
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Premier Stefanson Welcomes New Faces In Cabinet Shuffle

Today, Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson announced her anticipated cabinet shuffle. The shuffle was expected but may have been slightly delayed with the resignation of Finance Miniter Friesen to run federally. That being said, it is well within the Premier’s prerogative to rearrange the portfolios of different ministers within her government, potentially as a response to Read More…

Original Wednesday Adams, Lisa Loring, Dies At 64
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Original Wednesday Adams, Lisa Loring, Dies At 64

Lisa Loring, best known for her role as Wednesday Addams in the classic television series “The Addams Family,” passed away at the age of 64. Her death has saddened the hearts of many fans who grew up with her as the iconic character. Loring was just six years old when she was cast as Wednesday, Read More…

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The Woof Whisperer: Tales of a Doggy Therapist

20 Hilarious stories of dogs venting about their human owners to their therapist. The names of the dogs were changed to protect their identities. “The Woof Whisperer: Tales of a Doggy Therapist” is hands down the most hilarious and entertaining book I’ve read in a long time! This first-time author harnessed the power of Chat Read More…

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Accepting Your Reality Is Important, Especially for Job Seekers

Some “food for thought” when it comes to syncing your reality with your job search. Years ago, a defining moment for me occurred at 2:30 AM on a Friday morning in Times Square. A few minutes earlier, it had stopped raining. My friend was trying to hail a taxi to get us back to Hackensack, Read More…