Trudeau Meet With Premiers To Discuss 10 Plan For Provincial Healthcare
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Trudeau And Premiers Meet To Discuss 10-Year Plan For Healthcare

The Canadian Premiers want to see an increase in the Canadian Health Transfer without oversight from the Federal Government

Yesterday, Canada’s premiers met with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, also the Minister of Finance, to discuss the issues facing the country’s healthcare system. The premiers expressed their concerns and requested that Ottawa increase its share of healthcare costs from 22% to 35% without any strings attached.

Today, the premiers are scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to listen to the premiers’ concerns and hear the prime minister’s ten-year plan for improving the healthcare system. However, some believe that the premiers’ demand for more money without any oversight is unreasonable.

Today Quebec Premier Francois Legault insisted his government already has a plan that works best for Quebec and does not need the Federal government’s oversight, just its money. This is precisely the type of comments that have the Federal government concerned, and why they should not just give the premiers a blank cheque without measurable goals or oversight.

The Prime Minister noted that the meeting with the premiers is designed to launch discussions with provinces and territories on a bilateral basis, giving Canadians the most flexibility and accountability.

The healthcare system in Canada continues to face challenges, including funding issues, an aging population, and increasing demand for services. As a result, it is imperative that the government and premiers work together to find solutions to these challenges.

The prime minister’s ten-year plan is expected to address the challenges facing the healthcare system and provide a comprehensive strategy for improving the delivery of care. The premiers’ input into this plan is critical, as they are on the front line of delivering healthcare services to Canadians.

While some may view the premiers’ request for more funding without oversight as unreasonable, the healthcare system in Canada continues to face significant challenges. The meeting between the premiers and the prime minister is an opportunity for both sides to work together to find solutions that will benefit all Canadians.

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