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Toronto Mayor Resigns After Admitting To Having An Affair With His Staffer

Toronto Mayor John Tory has announced his resignation from the office following his admission of an extramarital consensual relationship with a staff member of his office. The relationship, he stated, resulted from an extended period of time away from his wife of 40 years during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tory, who was first elected in 2014, has been one of the most popular mayors in the history of the city. He won re-elections in 2018 and 2022 with landslide victories and has been praised for his efforts to modernize the city and make it a better place to live for its residents.

However, his admission of the extramarital relationship has caused significant controversy and has led to questions about the integrity of the office of the mayor. In light of this, Tory has decided to step down from his position to take time to reflect on his mistakes and to rebuild the trust of his family.

In his resignation statement, Tory emphasized the importance of avoiding a prolonged period of controversy for the city government, especially in light of the challenges that Toronto is currently facing. He added that he would be working with the city clerk, city manager, and Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie to ensure an “orderly transition” of power in the coming days.

Tory’s resignation has come as a surprise to many, as he was widely expected to continue to serve as mayor for several more years. However, his decision to step down shows his commitment to the city and his willingness to take responsibility for his actions.

The resignation of John Tory is a significant moment in the history of Toronto, and his legacy as mayor, although tarnished, will leave a lasting impact on the city. As popular as he was, he still had significant amounts of critics and detractors. While this chapter in the city’s history may be a difficult one, it is also an opportunity for the city to come together and work towards a brighter future for all its residents.

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