Mariya EL amraoui

The Only Arab .. Honoring Eng. Mohamed Saieed among the best Businessman under the age of forty

The celebration of the international business platforms, Entrepreneur and Asia One, which was held in the Thai capital, Bangkok, witnessed the honoring of Engineer Mohamed Saieed

  There was the personality of Mohamed Saieed, the only person who was honored during the celebration, among a list that included international personalities who were also honored, as the ceremony received wide coverage.

  Satellite channels specialized in the fields of the global economy, entrepreneurship, Thailand, emerging entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, athletes, celebrities, and points from young people who have achieved achievements in their fields globally.

  On the sidelines of the ceremony, a discussion session was held, in which the engineer, Mohamed Saieed, spoke about the global economic challenges at the present time, and I ~ the new workers are real opportunities for trade-off, explaining that crises are always a nucleus for achieving wealth if exploited in a smart way.

   Unlucky, they try their best to courtesy him, but try to go to great lengths to try to get him.

  During 6 trading sessions a week, start participating in the under 40 business activity and pioneering startups, financial companies and the world of metaverse.

  While Niletech Nile as the head of the event, when an activist project is needed in startups, keep it going, calling on entrepreneurs to realize that their journey continues, “