In Afghanistan, The Taliban Have Stripped Women Of All Rights, Freedom And Dignity
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In Afghanistan, The Taliban Have Stripped Women Of All Rights, Freedom And Dignity

The situation of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime is nothing short of a horrific tragedy. The Taliban have proven themselves to be nothing more than brutal oppressors who seek to strip women of their basic human rights and dignity. Since they took over Afghanistan in August 2021, the situation for women in the country has only gotten worse.

Under the Taliban’s barbaric regime, women are relegated to the role of producing children and domestic servants. They are not allowed to be educated, work outside the home, see male doctors, or hold elected office. Instead, they are forced to stay in their homes and serve their male relatives, who are allowed to do whatever they please.

The United Nations has rightly ranked Afghanistan as the worst and most oppressive nation in the world for women. This is due to the fact that the Taliban’s regime is one that is characterized by extreme inequality, violence, and oppression.

It is difficult to overstate the sheer brutality of the Taliban’s treatment of women. They are not even allowed to leave their homes without a male relative accompanying them, and even then, they are subjected to harassment and abuse by the Taliban’s armed thugs. Women are not allowed to attend school, and those who try to attend school are often met with violence and intimidation.

The Taliban’s treatment of women is not only inhumane but it is also completely unnecessary. There is no legitimate reason for them to treat women in this way. It is clear that the Taliban’s sole purpose in society is to be oppressors and human rights violators. They serve no other function, and until that changes, the women of Afghanistan will continue to endure a life of severe inequality and suffering.

The Taliban’s regime is an affront to the very concept of humanity. The regime has stripped women of their dignity, rights, and humanity. It is a regime that is characterized by violence and brutality, and it is one that must be stopped.

It is incumbent upon the international community to take action to end the Taliban’s barbaric regime and to ensure that women in Afghanistan are granted the basic human rights and dignity that they deserve. The world cannot stand idly by while the Taliban continue to treat women in this way. We must speak out against this injustice and take action to bring an end to it.

The suffering of women in Afghanistan is a tragedy that cannot be allowed to continue. It is time for the world to stand up, take notice of what is happening in Afghanistan, and take action to ensure that the women of Afghanistan are given the basic human rights and dignity they deserve.

Naomi Dela Cruz
Naomi Dela Cruz
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